061 – Connections, Part 2

Previously, I described the main characters of this story: Alexander, the main character, a man who’s beginning a design program on a college. Valentin, one of his oldest friends, who’s into fencing and is working to provide for his sister. Sam, a colleague from middle school, and a student of law. Andrew, a man he knew […]

097 – The Living Nightmare

This is a story driven game, based on the same universe as a design I submitted before, “A Strange Town“. The main character is a former soldier, who was killed by the avatar of Nothing, one of the oldest beings in the existence. Instead of dying and going on, he stood on Earth, cursed to […]

092 – Half Man

This is a visual novel about the life of a single man. A man who, by some strange accident, developed two completely different personalities, that change each fifteen days. One is the single father of a child, who gain a lot of money working for some Law firm. Each fifteen days, his friend, the only […]

089 – The Storyteller

This game is the story of Isabelle, a girl that always dreamed of becoming a professional storyteller. I imagine that this game is not based on any specific country or culture: is a world with many different cultures, a lot of history, with stories that are passed through generations. The game begin in your first […]

083 – Dinasty

This game, settled in Middle Ages, is not about combat, or some great warriors, but about the people who stayed in their houses. This game is the story of the Pinewoods, the family who once held the throne of the kingdom, but now, with the Senate, are just a part of the command chain. While the […]

061 – Connections

This story – yes, in games like this I believe that saying it’s a story where the player interacts with is better than saying that’s a game – is about different types of friendships: the ones who began during childhood, the fresh ones… Here, the player takes the role of a young man, Alexander – […]

056 – Time Loop

This idea is about time travel, as some I’ve written before. But instead of you taking the role of the time traveler, you control a lot of characters, that may be the best friend of the supposed time traveler, the barista of the coffee lounge or even the bakery’s chief. The story here is that […]

055 – The Soldier and the Boy

This idea is something I thought for the latest Game Design Challenge of Game Career Guide, about a game placed after the end of the world, but without violence. This is not the design I sent, but it’s one I found interesting to do, and would let me talk about some themes you wouldn’t usually […]

050 – Heroine

This game is something I’m interested in doing, in the future. The reason? This game is an adventure game played in first person. In this game, you are a unnamed Heroine, in a town with lots of super humans, people who can use magic, or some alien dudes or robots that need to exterminate someone. […]