102 – The Most Boring Game

This design  is an idea on how to write an online game that’s boring and almost life-like. So, the solution to that “question” is a game about teamwork and bureaucracy: one player can not stop working without affecting the entire workplace, and if one of them is not working enough, the entire workplace will also […]

100 – A New Country

This game is quite ambitious – each “play” last a week, at least -, but I think it’s interesting to see people’s reactions to it.. I want this to be a simulation made for players, to interact between themselves, to understand more of democracy, and so on. Before explaining what I want to achieve, it’s important […]

078 – The Badass Band

This game is about music bands: but this is not the type of game where you play guitar, here you are the leader of the band and your small studio, and your objective is to sell a lot by creating the best songs for anything they want. They want someone to write the theme for […]

071 – Travel Agency Simulator

Before the design, I would like to apologize for taking so long to write more: I’m dealing with some things and that’s making all the writing a little bit harder, but I believe that now everything will return to normal. This is a design for a advergame of a travel agency: you are the owner of […]

052 – Art

This game is something that may work very well, or be an epic fail. Here, players receive an objective from a client: they want to get a portrait of someone, or something to put in their walls, and it’s up to the player do it, using brushes, paints… And everything of it he must buy: […]

044 – Waiter Simulator

This is a game, meant to be a light hearted experience, and not that simple. Here, you assume the role of a Waiter, who must go around the dinner, and serve the right people the right order. You have three main objectives: be able to remember who asked each food, be able to walk carrying […]

031 – Fashion Design Game

This game is about dealing with the development of your career as fashion designer, starting with the conception of the clothes until the end, where you must deal with the social media. Because of it, there will be more than one type of gameplay in this game. The first stage is to deal with the […]

014 – The Soap Opera

A light-hearted game, without many conflicts or serious themes. Instead, this game, about Mexican Soap Operas, is meant to be just something funny, cool enough to play for some minutes, have some laughs, and move to the next thing. You basically choose an ambient – hospitals, lines in bank, or any place that can generate […]

010 – How to Cook: The Game

A semi-realistic game to help people who can’t cook, by showing them how to make simple food. It would use an art style that’s realistic enough to understand concepts related to how the food must look like – the sauce must be a certain color, and the meat must have changed a little bit -, but […]