095 – The Bandit is the Hero?

This is a RPG, very by-the-numbers: you talk to a lot of people, form relationships with them, try do get more powerful to face the Evil Dude, try to get rich, terrorize some people…  The legendary Hero, the one in the prophecies, the one fated to slain the Evil Dude, has fallen. Because you, Elyssa, […]

065 – Evolving

This design is something between a fantastic RPG, a strategy game and an experience. It’s a RPG in the sense you’ll be taking the role of the Ruler that must deal with creatures in a world where everything is evolving: in your generation, people may not know how to forge metal, but in the next […]

060 – The Defender

I don’t exactly like this name, but I think it fits with the game. You are a common villager who, instead of wishing to be a swordsman, a great hero for the people, just asked to be a hero. Then, he was cursed to only defend his own allies: he could use a sword to parry […]

011 – RPG Game, Part 2

This is the second part of the idea RPG Game, and yes, I still don’t thought of a name for it. Before, I tried my best to explain the idea behind the skill system: you first unlock a branch of skills, then you may learn it using skill points, or fulfilling specific requirements. Right now, I’ll […]

005 – Time Robber, Part 2

Today I want to talk about Time Robber, an idea of a Tactical RPG where you must use your time related powers to steal things. I believe I already explained enough about the main mechanics, so now I’ll talk a little bit about how I plan to balance the difficulty with a character that can undo […]

054 – Tales of an Orchestra

This project is about an Orchestra, but taking a approach a little bit different than rhythm games: instead of only doing the song, the player must conquer another people to join their orchestra, or by being social, or showing your awards, or facing them off in a duel. I classified it as a RPG because […]

049 – Chances

This is a RPG game, for mobiles, where everything is decided by chances. Be it the flip of a coin, or the roll of a dice, everything follow these rules, and you see them: there is no roll you can’t see, you always can watch the results, instead of just seeing the effects. The story is […]

043 – Squad Stories

This is a tactical RPG about a police department, and their approaches to different situations. There are no super powers here, or monsters, or a lot of lives for each character. It’s more like the idea behind XCOM: you get a serious hit, you will not be effective. You die? You can no longer use […]

011 – RPG game

For this one, I can’t find a good name for it right now. So, if I return to this idea, I’ll think about it later. This idea is a RPG with a different system to learn skills. For this reason, for this part of the design, I’ll be talking about how the mage class works, and […]

005 – Time Robber

I like the idea of this game, I wish to come back to it later. It’s interesting, and I believe that it can work, just sounds a little bit hard to develop, because of the time travel aspect and the set of interactions with objects and people. This game is a Tactical RPG, where the […]