103 – Death Follows a Car: A VR Mystery Game

This was a submission for a Game Design Challenge, and the original can be found here. This design is a mystery game that uses VR to put the player inside a car during a road-trip around the country with friends. The player is a former detective, who lost movement of his legs. The reason why […]

030 – Bizarre Morning

This design is going to be a little shorter, but I think it’s going to be just as nice. This idea is based on the strange day of December 3, when the sky was black during the morning, a parking garage entrance disappeared, and some areas of the building were locked. You are a student of […]

008 – The Game Case

A noir feel, a mansion of an old man, a party and a murder. The game is a mystery game, based on noir movies. You are the Private Investigator who’s also a drunk, but one of the best around. You were invited to the party along with seven other people. No one knew that the […]