098 – Blitz

This is an action game, where the character is a super hero who can teleport around.  To better limit the player, the game is based on the idea that this hero work alone, usually to bring down people who locked themselves on buildings. This way, the game can be more focused on giving the player […]

087 – Tales of a Man and a Monster

This is a multiplayer action game, meant to be played by at two to four people: one is always the “Monster”, a “Super Hero”, and the others are “The People”. Actually, both sides see themselves as the heroes, with the other being the villains. The idea is that there are different “monsters/super heroes”, and for […]

081 – Brutality

The game I’ll discuss now is an action game, a hack’n’slash one, and it’s brutal. I think that this idea is an interesting take on morality, where instead of being about the underdog who got absolute power, and must choose what to do with it, is about a man who’s at the top of the […]

080 – Standoff

This game is an idea that uses an eye-tracking device, and an online connection between three players. The game, played with the keyboard and the mouse, is a mexican stand-off: each one of the three players will have something in their pockets, being it gold or some key from a house, and they have, in […]

073 – The Mercenary

This design is part an action game, and part a story about a man and his choices. As the name itself says, this game is about a Mercenary, the best one around, and his life, loved ones, his possessions… The game is a series of missions: kill a man who can’t be killed, hold an […]

067 – Traitors

This game is meant to be played by fourteen players: five are robbers who must get in the vault of the bank, five are the officers who must arrest the robbers, and four are double agents, two of them for the police and the other two for the robbers. The game, an action game with […]

033 – The Princess, Part 2

So, in the first part of the idea, that you can check here, I spent some time talking about the main character, the Princess, and her five personalities. So now I plan on describing more of overall plot of the game and what I want the player to experience in it. The world there is ok: […]

064 – Bullets Everywhere!

This idea is around the idea of players creating patterns, and these patterns are applied to different characters that are facing each other. To put it simply, the game is a traditional bullet hell – you control a ship, shoot stuff and have enemies shooting you back –, but your main objective is to make an […]

063 – Duels

This design is probably one of the most complex to think about: how to make a fun shooting game, where players can change time, but not only slowing it, but going back and forward? I think that this game must allow for three players: one who can slow it, one who can go back, and […]

062 – Ice Cream Wars

This game is pure and simple fun: during a hot day at the beach, some ice cream seller decided to throw a popsicle to a customer, but unfortunately hit another seller, creating the First Ice War of the Ice Cream Sellers. The gameplay is a 3D hack’n’slash, where customers will come towards you and you give […]