About the Ideas

For those intersted, you can see all the ideas in the bar above, under the name All the Ideas, a list with all the links and descriptions for each design until now.

047 – Christmas Game

The idea behind this design is pretty old, I believe I first written it in 2012. The game is about creating your gifts by using a pretty basic 3D editor, or by selecting premade pieces, and then you can share it in the game itself, or any type of social media you want. At first, […]

041 – Stick Combat

So, this is a different kind of game from those I wrote before, and this is a game to be played when you are waiting to get your food, when you are with some friends in the mall or some dinner. You only need three tokensĀ for each player, that can be sticks, coins, anything at […]

031 – Fashion Design Game

This game is about dealing with the development of your career as fashion designer, starting with the conception of the clothes until the end, where you must deal with the social media. Because of it, there will be more than one type of gameplay in this game. The first stage is to deal with the […]