086 – Three Fates

This idea can be expanded, but right now I think of it is an experience on how your choices shape the future of at least three different people, and the rest of civilization. You are a police officer who can see into the future, and because of that you are elected to be the single officer in […]

083 – Dinasty

This game, settled in Middle Ages, is not about combat, or some great warriors, but about the people who stayed in their houses. This game is the story of the Pinewoods, the family who once held the throne of the kingdom, but now, with the Senate, are just a part of the command chain. While the […]

080 – Standoff

This game is an idea that uses an eye-tracking device, and an online connection between three players. The game, played with the keyboard and the mouse, is a mexican stand-off: each one of the three players will have something in their pockets, being it gold or some key from a house, and they have, in […]

078 – The Badass Band

This game is about music bands: but this is not the type of game where you play guitar, here you are the leader of the band and your small studio, and your objective is to sell a lot by creating the best songs for anything they want. They want someone to write the theme for […]

077 – The Box

This is an experience about choices. Here, you take the role of different people, all facing a box, without any kind of lock, with a brief note that says “open and it will give you the desires of your heart”. Each time you get ready to open it, you see flashes of their lives, reasons […]

074 – Robots

This is a experience I thought during college, to deal with homophobia, but I want to explore a bit more than just that. So, this is a game in Virtual Reality, where the player is the prototype of a robot, the designated leader, and must go through iterations to perfect itself, and after each “test period” […]

071 – Travel Agency Simulator

Before the design, I would like to apologize for taking so long to write more: I’m dealing with some things and that’s making all the writing a little bit harder, but I believe that now everything will return to normal. This is a design for a advergame of a travel agency: you are the owner of […]

069 – Immortal Hero

This game is all about the role of an Immortal, who became the King, in a medieval world. You have all the obligatory stuff for a strategy game set in medieval times: markets, you must manage units, deal with other factions… but where this idea goes in another way is that the war is also […]

068 – Water

So, I consider this a game that could be a PC game or a mobile one, but part of some kind of compilation of small games. The player takes the role of Jane, that was attacked by a water creature, and since then decided to kill all of them, using a RPG-like system, where you […]

067 – Traitors

This game is meant to be played by fourteen players: five are robbers who must get in the vault of the bank, five are the officers who must arrest the robbers, and four are double agents, two of them for the police and the other two for the robbers. The game, an action game with […]