103 – Death Follows a Car: A VR Mystery Game

This was a submission for a Game Design Challenge, and the original can be found here. This design is a mystery game that uses VR to put the player inside a car during a road-trip around the country with friends. The player is a former detective, who lost movement of his legs. The reason why […]

102 – The Most Boring Game

This design  is an idea on how to write an online game that’s boring and almost life-like. So, the solution to that “question” is a game about teamwork and bureaucracy: one player can not stop working without affecting the entire workplace, and if one of them is not working enough, the entire workplace will also […]

061 – Connections, Part 2

Previously, I described the main characters of this story: Alexander, the main character, a man who’s beginning a design program on a college. Valentin, one of his oldest friends, who’s into fencing and is working to provide for his sister. Sam, a colleague from middle school, and a student of law. Andrew, a man he knew […]

100 – A New Country

This game is quite ambitious – each “play” last a week, at least -, but I think it’s interesting to see people’s reactions to it.. I want this to be a simulation made for players, to interact between themselves, to understand more of democracy, and so on. Before explaining what I want to achieve, it’s important […]

097 – The Living Nightmare

This is a story driven game, based on the same universe as a design I submitted before, “A Strange Town“. The main character is a former soldier, who was killed by the avatar of Nothing, one of the oldest beings in the existence. Instead of dying and going on, he stood on Earth, cursed to […]

095 – The Bandit is the Hero?

This is a RPG, very by-the-numbers: you talk to a lot of people, form relationships with them, try do get more powerful to face the Evil Dude, try to get rich, terrorize some people…  The legendary Hero, the one in the prophecies, the one fated to slain the Evil Dude, has fallen. Because you, Elyssa, […]

092 – Half Man

This is a visual novel about the life of a single man. A man who, by some strange accident, developed two completely different personalities, that change each fifteen days. One is the single father of a child, who gain a lot of money working for some Law firm. Each fifteen days, his friend, the only […]

089 – The Storyteller

This game is the story of Isabelle, a girl that always dreamed of becoming a professional storyteller. I imagine that this game is not based on any specific country or culture: is a world with many different cultures, a lot of history, with stories that are passed through generations. The game begin in your first […]

088 – Don’t Look Back

This is a game meant to be played with the Oculus Rift, about someone who’s playing a game in his computer. As it’s a very important part of the game, to let the player feel like he’s the character, there’s the need to somehow don’t allow him to see the character: maybe the character is […]

087 – Tales of a Man and a Monster

This is a multiplayer action game, meant to be played by at two to four people: one is always the “Monster”, a “Super Hero”, and the others are “The People”. Actually, both sides see themselves as the heroes, with the other being the villains. The idea is that there are different “monsters/super heroes”, and for […]