091 – Droplets

This game is a racing game and almost a tactical RPG, where each decision have a different outcome. You are a droplet of water, and you must reach the ground as fast as possible. The way to do it? Choose your way, and balance the risk/reward: if you play safe, trying not to go through […]

082 – Keysmith

In this game, you must create keys and pick locks made from other players keys: it’s a game where players confront each other without actually facing each other, or even being online at the same time. Creating a key is not only pulling pieces of it, creating some unique design: if you want to, probably […]

079 – Colors

This idea, as the name itself says, is about colors, and to do it you must use very basic concepts of genetics, in that case the concept of dominance and some more related to it. At the beginning, you have the three main colors, RRggbb, rrGGbb and rrggBB, in that order Red, Green and Blue. […]

072 – The Adventures of Mr. Tofry

This game is a finite runner, based on your score: you must get the highest score you can in a single run, to buy upgrades to get more points. You take the role of the secret spy Tofry, Pota Tofry, and your family received the suicide mission to destroy the Giant Eater in the inside: […]

065 – Evolving

This design is something between a fantastic RPG, a strategy game and an experience. It’s a RPG in the sense you’ll be taking the role of the Ruler that must deal with creatures in a world where everything is evolving: in your generation, people may not know how to forge metal, but in the next […]

064 – Bullets Everywhere!

This idea is around the idea of players creating patterns, and these patterns are applied to different characters that are facing each other. To put it simply, the game is a traditional bullet hell – you control a ship, shoot stuff and have enemies shooting you back –, but your main objective is to make an […]

060 – The Defender

I don’t exactly like this name, but I think it fits with the game. You are a common villager who, instead of wishing to be a swordsman, a great hero for the people, just asked to be a hero. Then, he was cursed to only defend his own allies: he could use a sword to parry […]

059 – Action Running

First of all, I didn’t put a tag for a genre because I don’t think is worth creating a new tag for only a single game – if I am to write about another runner, I’ll do it and update this. The game is an action runner: instead of only running away from something, and […]

058 – Ninja in a Tower

This idea is simple: you are a ninja that must climb the Infinite Tower. There are only five commands: pressing a side of the screen will move your character there – the screen is divided in three equal parts, in vertical. And there’s also three attack buttons, each one with an advantage and a disadvantage in relation […]

049 – Chances

This is a RPG game, for mobiles, where everything is decided by chances. Be it the flip of a coin, or the roll of a dice, everything follow these rules, and you see them: there is no roll you can’t see, you always can watch the results, instead of just seeing the effects. The story is […]