085 – Near to You

This is a game settled in reality, but instead of using paintball guns or anything like some of the ideas I’ve written before, this game is played will cellphones. Before playing it, the player must create a profile, with his name and, most important, some identification: what he’s wearing during the game, what he looks […]

084 – Spies and Liars

This game is played by 26 or 52 players, and must be played somewhere in a building: the idea is that it’ll resemble a hotel, with the players taking the role of spies, like the ones in action movies. And, to further enhance the experience, there’ll be actors all around the place, being the waiters, […]

076 – ARGUN

This is an ARG, supposed to be played at somewhere with different areas, and must be played by¬†fifty-six players . Of course, everyone must follow the rules, or things may go south easily. At first, each player draw a card, and then they must, one by one, go to a separate room, where they are […]