033 – The Princess

I’m not sure that this game should be categorized as an action game, or a fighting game. For now, I’ll consider it an action game, but if necessary I’ll change it later. In this game, you assume the role of a master of martial arts, capable of facing creatures that less skilled fighters are not […]

015 – Bizarre Fishing

This design is something that I think of in the beginning of my second semester at graduation. I never wrote it before, but I want to describe because it was important, I liked it at that time and I assume that someone may find it interesting. The game is about extreme fishing. Not in the sense […]

011 – RPG game

For this one, I can’t find a good name for it right now. So, if I return to this idea, I’ll think about it later. This idea is a RPG with a different system to learn skills. For this reason, for this part of the design, I’ll be talking about how the mage class works, and […]

009 – 2D, 2.5D, 3D.

A game that’s 100% platforming in 2D, 2.5D and 3D. It may sound a little different than usual, but I believe it can work really well. The player is Dotty, a small point in the entire universe. She is the only thing that lives there, she can’t see anyone else, and for what she knows, […]

007 – A Strange Town

Here, I don’t want to design this game in a way that “people are good, creatures are bad”. Instead, I’m planning on dealing with the cases where “the people may have done things wrong and some creatures are taking advantage of it, but they kinda deserve it”. The stage is a small town in a […]