098 – Blitz

This is an action game, where the character is a super hero who can teleport around.  To better limit the player, the game is based on the idea that this hero work alone, usually to bring down people who locked themselves on buildings. This way, the game can be more focused on giving the player […]

081 – Brutality

The game I’ll discuss now is an action game, a hack’n’slash one, and it’s brutal. I think that this idea is an interesting take on morality, where instead of being about the underdog who got absolute power, and must choose what to do with it, is about a man who’s at the top of the […]

073 – The Mercenary

This design is part an action game, and part a story about a man and his choices. As the name itself says, this game is about a Mercenary, the best one around, and his life, loved ones, his possessions… The game is a series of missions: kill a man who can’t be killed, hold an […]

033 – The Princess, Part 2

So, in the first part of the idea, that you can check here, I spent some time talking about the main character, the Princess, and her five personalities. So now I plan on describing more of overall plot of the game and what I want the player to experience in it. The world there is ok: […]

057 – inSanity

Hello. This idea will be bigger than the usual, because I don’t plan on waiting a few days to write more. So, instead of keeping it short, this’ll be bigger, with the main idea of the game, characters and a brief discussion about it. This game is about a city, and the people who live […]

037 – Action Figures, Part 2

Previously, in the first part of this idea, I tried to explain why this game is interesting, how it looks and some main actions. Now, I’ll try to point some of the problems anyone would face, if the idea was actually developed, as a way to understand why it’s almost impossible to be made, and interesting […]

011 – RPG Game, Part 2

This is the second part of the idea RPG Game, and yes, I still don’t thought of a name for it. Before, I tried my best to explain the idea behind the skill system: you first unlock a branch of skills, then you may learn it using skill points, or fulfilling specific requirements. Right now, I’ll […]

007 – A Strange Town, Part 2

This is the second part of the idea A Strange Town. Previously, I wrote a little about some of the dynamics of the game: the differences between the Woman, the detective, and Him, the mystic parasyte. As said before, this is an open world, like those in the market, where you can drive cars, interact with the […]

046 – Soldiers

This game is the experience of being a Soldier. Not the hero, who’ll face the great villain, and get all the glory. Instead, I want to think of how is the life of the ordinary soldier of the evil empire. The main idea, of this game, is to explore the mind of a soldier that […]

037 – Action Figures

This design is the kind of game I think it would work very well, but would take a lot of work to be actually possible. But again, I’m about doing the design itself, if someone’s going to do it I wish them luck. This game is a hack’n’slash that uses action figures as characters. Instead […]