099 – Dimensional Chess

This is a concept, that must be balanced and further thought of. In the most basic level, this is a chess game that uses three different boards: the common one, 8×8, a slightly minor, 5×5, and the 3×3. Until now, these are the rules I thought of: Each players receives two boards, one for the […]

096 – Plagues, Diseases and Death.

This is a cardgame where players live as people in medieval times. Farmers, nobles, merchants… but all of them are facing the same fact: soon, they’ll all die. Their objective, then, is to survive. There are three types of cards: Character Card: these are cards that say what your character can do, or not, and […]

094 – To The Center

This boardgame is unique on how the board is, and there is no conflict on the rules: no combat, nothing like trying to outsmart the adversary, or whatsoever. The board is a circle, with subdivisions that can be taken off or put in. I think that three circles are enough for two players, enough for […]

093 – Catch Me, Hunt Me

This is an idea to answer a problem: how can players create a mistery and solve it, and making each match different? If this is a multiplayer game, one of them is the criminal. So, before everyone else begin the game, the criminal, and the “master” of the game – unfortunately, one player won’t play […]

075 – One Creature, Few Humans

This is a game where one player is a monster, and the others are the people who must survive. There are two boards, one with the “common map”, where the human characters do their actions, collect itens and prepare themselves to deal with the monster, and there’s the “monster map” that the monster uses to […]

003 – Everlasting War, Part 2

For now, I’ll be keep expanding some of the previous ideas, if I seem them fit, taking my time to develop them further and, when I feel the need to, keep developing new, and interesting, idea for games. Today, I would like to expand the idea behind Everlasting War. With the concept defined, I want to […]

040 – Trust

This a game, settled in the european middle ages, where every player takes the role of a traveler. They have one objective: to succeed. The means they have to succeed? They may have enough resources, or being the last one alive. However, I don’t believe it should be a game where just one player win, and […]

035 – The Designers BG

As I wrote before, in the first part of this project, I want to make a game that’s more than a single boardgame: it can be experienced, at least, in one animation and one visual novel. For this part of the design, I’ll write about the boardgame, the main piece of this idea. The game is […]

029 – Politics

In this game, you must get someone else elected. This is a boardgame, but right now, I want to explain about the main mechanics, and in the future, detail how they apply to a boardgame. You can work in two main different ways, the “clean” campaign and the “dirty” one. Doing a fair campaign is […]

003 – Everlasting War

In this game, my idea was to play around with the idea of soldiers and creatures of different eras interacting in a “battle-royal-esque” situation. This game is a boardgame, and is about war games that will never stop. These games are played by soldiers of different ages of mankind, along with mythical species. The objective […]