This design ┬áis an idea on how to write an online game that’s boring and almost life-like.

So, the solution to that “question” is a game about teamwork and bureaucracy: one player can not stop working without affecting the entire workplace, and if one of them is not working enough, the entire workplace will also suffer.

To have some form of “spirit”, the game start with a very long contract, that specifies a lot of the game: how it work, what’s expected in each part of it, how many players can play in the same workplace, and so on. The point here is to have a “hidden” obligation of not leaving more than a certain number of “matches”: if you start working, you can only leave when all the work is done, or if everyone else agrees to leave. If you didn’t read it, you are kinda going in the “wrong” direction: here you are the one who look for problems and say that this is wrong, and not the one who agrees to everything you see.

Players are a single gear in the whole machine: you may accept the papers in the front desk, organize them by function, give them to the appropriate sectors, check if the papers are correct, give the verdict, send to the courier, and send it to the chief. Each one of these roles is connected: if the first player accepted a paper that’s missing some information, maybe the sector responsible for that paper will miss that, and when the chief receives it you’ll receive a penality.

The idea is that, at every single part of the procedure, players are checking what they are doing: every single field must be filled correctly, every document must be identified, every document must be organized…

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