Previously, I described the main characters of this story:

  • Alexander, the main character, a man who’s beginning a design program on a college.
  • Valentin, one of his oldest friends, who’s into fencing and is working to provide for his sister.
  • Sam, a colleague from middle school, and a student of law.
  • Andrew, a man he knew in the SATs, also a design student and more studious than Alex.
  • And Rosemarie, girlfriend of Valentin, who help his sister while respecting the boundaries they set.

As said in the first part, the idea here is to explore his relationship to each of these characters, while having the pressure of college: it’s easier to accept, from what I see, a teenager character in school spending his entire time with friends, doing whatever they want, and still be an excellent student, than accepting this same behaviour from a young adult character in the first year of college.

I plan to spend some time with these characters, in different points of a year, and then see them grow in the next one: it doesn’t make sense for characters to be in stand-by until you, the player, changes that status quo. If you  spend time hanging out with Sam and Andrew, Valentin may be applying for some competition, while starting to think on his life with Rosemarie, and so on, and in the next time you talk you’ll see that his life went on: yes, you are still friends, but his life will keep going, not stopping because you decided to not talk to him.

Each relationship, as said before, was thought of to reflect different types of friendship, those you form in childhood, the new ones… and also to explore how the characters see each other: how Valentin, a serious man, see Sam, a womanizer? Is it different than any other womanizer in a bar, because Sam is his friend?

A very important part of the plot here is that I don’t want it to each year a character in an accident, or explosions, or a shooting… I think it’s a cheap way to create emotion, and it wouldn’t fit with my vision: instead of having a huge bomb that destroyed the college, I prefer a project that would take way more time to be done and force Alex to be by himself.

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