This is an action game, where the character is a super hero who can teleport around. 

To better limit the player, the game is based on the idea that this hero work alone, usually to bring down people who locked themselves on buildings. This way, the game can be more focused on giving the player the tools to create his own story.

The only thing that’s defined in the story is: the Villain, John Villaine, know that the character, which can be created by the player, only can teleport to somewhere he sees, so he always work in a way to don’t be seen.

Even with this Villain, I think that there shouldn’t be any “official story” here: only giving the very bare-bones of one, players can talk among themselves, sharing their own stories: “That one time where I beat that gang without teleporting was so cool, you know?” or “There was that time when I was almost shot by that dude, then I beat his ass…”

I believe that players can have three¬†main approaches, and I don’t think that one of them is “right”:

  • You can fight by blitzing through the enemies, having a very “hands on” experience: I think that this would cater more to action players, or people that think that heroes are the guys in “front lines”. When doing this, the gameplay would need to be very fast: you must beat them as fast as you can. There would be a mix of attacks, like common ones, aerials, special combos… In the after-mission reports, you’re seen almost as a monster, someone who can get you anywhere. When the police chief was asked about this, the only answer was: “there is classified information”.
  • You can use the stealth to be a ghost: this would cater more to players who like the stealth genre, of course. Instead of using the teleportation to beat enemies, you would use it to around them: there are turrets to protect them from the police? Deactivate them. The gates are closed by a computer? Unlock them. In the after-mission reports, the police have the glory: “there was a happy accident, where the circuits in the criminal stronghold…”
  • Or you can use both: personally, I think that this would be more interesting when exploring the story. You would teleport around, marking enemies, and then blitzing them. In the after-mission reports, the situation would be reported as “something we are still gathering information about”.

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