This is a story driven game, based on the same universe as a design I submitted before, “A Strange Town“.

The main character is a former soldier, who was killed by the avatar of Nothing, one of the oldest beings in the existence. Instead of dying and going on, he stood on Earth, cursed to walk through all existence alone.

The game is his journey into a different self: even if he used to be a soldier, and might have some incredible capacity of understanding things, I think that, sometime, anyone would change a lot after going through a lot of different worlds. And that’s where the journey is: different worlds, but within the same universe.

The character, Faerwald, constantly jumps through dimensions. He may be talking to someone in the “normal” world, and then as soon as he stop talking he goes through a different world. I want the player to experience this sense of wonder, but at the same time, absolute horror: not every world is like the “magical” world that everyone knows, some of them are filled with destruction and nightmares. And going through that takes a toll, and these experiences would, without a doubt, shape how he sees life.

I think that, even if a lot of the game is finding ways to survive in different worlds, collecting food, water and finding shelter, I think that the most important aspect of it is the conversations: when the character find another conscious being – and he can talk to them, thanks to the curse -,  he can try to understand this reality, shaping his view of the world and, in the end, how he sees himself. 

The possibilities are almost infinite, even if only assuming “the actual Earth” as a basis: what if the results of the World Wars were different? What if mankind was subdued by demons? What if humanity managed to go to space anytime?

To finish this, a very important piece of Faerwald is how he talks and behave, and if I were to do this game I would require extra attention to it: in the beginning, he’s very human like. The player can choose some different branches of conversation, but always with some degree of respect, his posture is somehow stiff, after his military past, and his outlook of life is more human, he doesn’t think that much about what’s behind the curtain.

The more the player go through dimensions, the more he go through, his sense of self will change, and with it how he acts and behave: if before he talked with respect, he now is in a different “stage” of life, away from the notions of “life and death”, “respect and order”, talking in a more sarcastic way, a more somber one, because he seen a lot, and he knows what “life” can do with power, and that it corrupts. His posture changes to a more “royalesque” way, in a contrast with how he talks: he understand what life can do when it have power, and he saw a lot. But that’s enough to make him think of how he is, and how he’s above of “life”.

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