This is a cardgame where players live as people in medieval times. Farmers, nobles, merchants… but all of them are facing the same fact: soon, they’ll all die. Their objective, then, is to survive.

There are three types of cards:

  1. Character Card: these are cards that say what your character can do, or not, and how he interact with the other players. If you’re a noble, for example, you can work together with a merchant to try to avoid buying rotten goods. If you’re a farmer, you can ask the noble for a better way to eliminate human residues.
  2. Solution Cards: these are cards that will try to help you survive in this world. Every card has a requisite, some of them may require the help of each player, some may require only one player… everyone must work together to survive. But some players may try to do what they think it’s the best, while other players do their own actions.
  3. Disaster Cards: these have the largest pool in the game. The objective of these cards is to kill the players, by different ways: wars, diseases, the plague, sudden death, accidents…

I’m still thinking about mechanics: I believe that players will choose a character, and receive some Solution Cards. Each turn, then, they would talk among themselves to think about solutions for different issues: if human residues are the most popular form of contamination, they can work to reduce that risk, and so on. And then they reveal some Disaster Cards. They can, or not, survive them with the characters unique characteristics, ¬†or if they managed to avoid it they’ll be safe.

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