This boardgame is unique on how the board is, and there is no conflict on the rules: no combat, nothing like trying to outsmart the adversary, or whatsoever.

The board is a circle, with subdivisions that can be taken off or put in. I think that three circles are enough for two players, enough for some actual challenge. Also, each player receives a token of an arrow, that fits small spaces on each circle and a pack of cards.

One player start in the center of the main circle, and the other outside of it. The player in the center must leave the circle, while the player outside must get in. The game is over when both crossed the circles.

There are two main actions: use a card, and changing directions.

  1. You use a card to spin the circle: if you use a card with -1, the circle you are facing will move one space to the left. If you are outside the circle, all the pieces will be moved, except any circle that have a player on it. There are cards with -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 and +3, and you never lost these cards, you use them and they go back to your hand.
  2. Changing directions allows you to change your direction or move around, of course: the idea is that you can navigate the circles, so if you are stuck in a wall, or a dead end, you can try again. The problem is that while you are changing your direction, or moving around, the other player may be spinning the circle.

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