This is an idea to answer a problem: how can players create a mistery and solve it, and making each match different?

If this is a multiplayer game, one of them is the criminal. So, before everyone else begin the game, the criminal, and the “master” of the game – unfortunately, one player won’t play as a character, but will act to guarantee that the rules are being followed – will do their own actions.

The criminal must choose a crime to do, each one with a specific number of “Action Points”, that can be talked among the other players: if they want more challenge, the criminal can have more points, while if they don’t the criminal must use only what he have.

Each action, from running to cleaning evidences to fake an accident take points of the criminal: if there are 10 Action Points, cleaning your digitals on the scene will take 02 Action Points, while robbing a car safely take 04 Action Points, but robbing it faster and carelessly only 02 Action Points. There’s the need to do some balancing, of course, but the idea is that the criminal can actually plan a crime scene, to have the means to actually leave the town.

The investigators also have points, but with a difference: the Criminal begin with a certain amount of points, and when they are over he’ll only gain small amounts, enough to move around. The Investigators, on the other side, start with small amount of points, but gain them way faster than the Criminal, so both must have different strategies: the Criminal must use the fact that he must leave the scene faster than the Investigators can get clues, while the Investigators can lock roads when they have enough clues.

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