This game is a racing game and almost a tactical RPG, where each decision have a different outcome.

You are a droplet of water, and you must reach the ground as fast as possible. The way to do it? Choose your way, and balance the risk/reward: if you play safe, trying not to go through the forbidden areas, like drains and concrete, you may lose to someone who decides to risk it all and assimilate every droplet in his way.

There is only one mechanic to control everything: the race is divided in blocks, and in each block you can decide where you’ll go, if you turn left, right or keep straight. Then, there are few possibilites:

  1. If you touch another droplet, you absorb it. You’ll gain some mass, and go faster.
    1. If your mass is higher than a certain amount, you may drop: if the race is in someone’s body, and you are in it’s arm, you’ll fall to a¬†forbidden area.
  2. If get in a stream, you’ll move faster than any other possibility, but it’s easier to go into a forbidden area.
    1. If you’re in a stream, each time you keep going straight you have more chances to get out of the stream in the next movement.
  3. If you don’t touch another droplet, you won’t gain any speed, but you’ll be able to do easier maneuvers.
    1. It’s especially to go around corners, like the end of some car window or going through the arm to the body of someone.

In the end, this is a game that tries to recall those races kids do in rainy days, in cars. where they see which droplet will fall faster. The differente is that this game goes further than only droplets in some window, going through windows to even racing through someone’s body in the rain.

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