This is a game meant to be played with the Oculus Rift, about someone who’s playing a game in his computer. As it’s a very important part of the game, to let the player feel like he’s the character, there’s the need to somehow don’t allow him to see the character: maybe the character is a genderless android, or is covered…

You play a single game, in the computer in front of the character. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, maybe very simple old-school arcade games, sometimes interrupted by a message of one of your contacts.

Then you receive a message, that someone’s in your house, but they wouldn’t harm you, if you follow a single rule: keep playing and talking to your friends. If you do it, they leave the house and you may even have some of the profit.

The first part is they trying to mess with you, to being able to harm you as they want. So you’re playing, and hearing noises. Guns getting ready, ritualistic music playing, their steps in your house… and then they go near you. You may be able to, sometimes, see glimpses in the monitor: they are masked, and obviously are able to kill you. They may get close, with machetes, trying so much to make you look back. Is all they need, you only need to look at them and they can kll you whatever way they want.

Supposing you’re survived, some of them leave, and get back with someone else. And then, the sounds are frightening: screams of pain, of blood being spilled, and you must still look the computer, playing and talking to your friends. With someone dying in your house, with people killing people in your house, and knowing that, if you dare to look back, you’ll be killed next.

This experience would be something closer to suspense than horror: ideally you would hear everything, but as soon as you couldn’t resist your own curiosity to find out what’s happening, the game is over.

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