This is a multiplayer action game, meant to be played by at two to four people: one is always the “Monster”, a “Super Hero”, and the others are “The People”. Actually, both sides see themselves as the heroes, with the other being the villains.

The idea is that there are different “monsters/super heroes”, and for sake of practicality for now there’ll be only three of them, the Resistant Monster/Hero, the Speed Monster/Hero and the Strong Monster/Hero. The People, though, have almost no power, requiring to use traps to become able to face the monster, and that’s the core of the gameplay: someone that’s powerless against someone that can withstand get shot at point blank with a shotgun, or someone who can go through fire and get away of bullets with speed alone, or yet someone who can just punch a hole in any wall to get out must be able to face it, no matter the cost.

For each monster, the player would utilize a different type of trap and equipment: if you are facing the Speed Monster, you may use some form of gas that can ignite when the monster go through it, with the friction or the air, while facing the Resistant Monster may require way more explosives than the other ones.

The player who’s the monster, of course, has a lot of advantages: if he’s facing groups of enemies at the same time, he’ll win almost every time – for that reason, the “common” will always control some different characters, with less skills and only two guns, that can be choosen by the player.

To finish it, for now, there are two main parts of the game: in the first part, only the common people will play, to prepare the fight. It means that they must share credits, if there are more than one player in that side, decide what they will use as traps, where to put them, if one of them will be a bait… then, when the time’s up, the monster/super hero go catch his prey: the objective of the Common People is to kill the Monster, or to survive until the end of the match, and the objective of the Monster is to catch the Common People.

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