This game, settled in Middle Ages, is not about combat, or some great warriors, but about the people who stayed in their houses. This game is the story of the Pinewoods, the family who once held the throne of the kingdom, but now, with the Senate, are just a part of the command chain.

While the firstborn of the family, the Knight, Lucius Pinewood, is away in the war, fighting to regain the honor of his dinasty, the player takes the role of different characters in the capital. For now, I think at least four of them:

  1. The Father, Augustus Pinewood, once a general who fled a great battle where his army has lost. For this, he lose any kind of right in military, and now is just a member of the Senate, even if no one cares that much about what he has to say. His role in the game is to provide another point of view: “why should anyone fight in a war, probably lose his own life and let his own family without support? Why is honor more important than the well being of those one cares about?”
  2. The Uncle, Lawrence Pinewood, someone who spent most of his life selling wheat and bread in different villages. He’s kind fond of the Knight, and always tried to show him that, sometimes, not holding your sword may be more effective than killing without restrains. It doesn’t mean that he’s a good man: he’ll sell supplies for way more than their actual price, especially if the other party is in the military. His role, in the game, is to ask the player “who gain anything from war? The soldiers gain almost nothing, the merchants sell their goods to desperate people, while those in the Senate stay in their confortable homes, with their good food and wine. Why should a merchant sell cheap, if there are people willing to buy it, no matter the price?”
  3. The Daughter, Anne Greyhound, the fruit of passion of the Knight and some woman of the Greyhound family. For that very reason, she’s also a member of the Senate, but doesn’t care that much for the Pinewoods – after all, her own father leave her with the Greyhounds while he went to war -, but will do what she needs to save her father. Her point of view is “use whatever it takes to protect the ones she cares about, but not anyone else”.
  4. The Widow, Sophia Pinewood, the woman who was adopted into the family by marriage of the now deceased younger brother of the Knight. Now, she just wants revenge: she’s convinced that he fell for a plan of the Greyhounds to gain more power in the Senate. Her point of view is “an eye for looking at me in the wrong way, a hand for touching me, and your neck for threatening the Pinewoods.” 

As it says, there are two main plots in the game: the characters trying to live with the Knight, the rightful heir, away in the war, and the rivality between the Pinewoods and the Greyhounds. For the first one, the interactions with that character are most played through flashbacks, showing his own growth: how the Knight got his set of morals, how he learned to live and how is his relationship to the Greyhounds, after all, he had a daughter with one of them.

Through the final chapters of the game, the player would be able to see how their own actions changed the capital, and how the Knight’s dealing with them: if he learned with his Father that one should care more about the family, but they had his Daughter harmed, he would not only be stressed, but would go against his family, arguing that if his own father, the one who disgraced his family, did it, he should also do it, to avenge his daughter. In that part of the story, the main characters are the Knight, the Father who’s willing to disgrace his family even more to bring him safe, and the Uncle, who wants to do what’s best for him, and his heirs only, in the long term.

The second point, the rivality between the Pinewoods and the Greyhounds, would not be played that much in flashbacks, but in the present: the player must talk with characters to try to help the Knight anyway they can, be it selling goods, sending more soldiers, or asking for him to come back. In this plot, the main characters are the Daughter, who’s divided between the two families, both wanting to keep her loyalty, being a heir for both of them, and the Widow, who’ll do whatever it takes to try to gain her revenge.

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