In this game, you must create keys and pick locks made from other players keys: it’s a game where players confront each other without actually facing each other, or even being online at the same time.

  • Creating a key is not only pulling pieces of it, creating some unique design: if you want to, probably you can do something like the view of a city, but that may not be the safest bet. When you create a key, you shouldn’t use too much material, but you shouldn’t use too little. I would need to do some research on how would you create a lock with a key, but that’s the idea: keep it a little bit realistic, but allowing the player to do something that wouldn’t work in real life, but is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Picking a lock is about using your tools to pick the lock that other players created. In smartphones it may be a little hard to do, because of the screen size, but I believe it can work, with some adjustments, but in tablets it would work best. Players would be able to play a small lock picking game similar to others, but with extra factors, like strength and the need for extra pins, it’s all based on how the player who created the key designed it.

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