This game is an idea that uses an eye-tracking device, and an online connection between three players.

The game, played with the keyboard and the mouse, is a mexican stand-off: each one of the three players will have something in their pockets, being it gold or some key from a house, and they have, in front of them, a chest full of gold. And two revolvers, with one bullet each.

Before describing the rest of the game, it’s important to explain the controls of the game:

  • The MMB prepare your guns: you can’t shoot if the weapon is not prepared to do so.
  • The LMB and the RMB shoot your gun, in that order the left and the right: the weapon must first be prepared to shoot, otherwise nothing happens.
  • The buttons Q/A, W/S, E/D and R/F manages your itens: they are important to negotiate with other players. Pressing the buttons in the upper line make you offer higher, while the buttons in the lower line take a little amount from your offer.
  • Of course, the conversations are all based on headsets.
  • The eye-tracking, as it says, follow your eyes.

The idea is that you can kill your enemies, gaining less points in the ranking, and less general loot, while sharing the loot gives more points and a little more loot. 

The situation I imagine the players are something like mexican standoffs: they must, in the heat of the situation, talk among themselves to see if they will share the loot or one will kill the other. For example, when one of them take the focus off the guns, and see his inventory bar, the head will follow, using the eye-tracking device, and the other players may use that opportunity to kill that player, which will have the total loot of the chest go up – there’s the itens of the third player now -, and again they may decide to share it, or not.

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