This idea, as the name itself says, is about colors, and to do it you must use very basic concepts of genetics, in that case the concept of dominance and some more related to it.

At the beginning, you have the three main colors, RRggbb, rrGGbb and rrggBB, in that order Red, Green and Blue. Your objective is to fulfill the color wheel with colors you create by combining the main three. There are a few points that must be considered, though:

  1. If both the “letters” are capitalized, like RR, it means that the “red part” is at 100%. If only one of the letters are capitalized, like Gg, it means that the “green part” is at 50%, and if no letters are capitalized, like bb, it means that the “blue part” is at 0%.
  2. Different “letters” form different colors: Rrggbb is different than rrggbb, and so on.
  3. If you cross RRggbb and rrGGbb the results will be as you would expect, with a hybrid RrGgbb. If you cross it with a rrggBB, you would have more chances, like RrGgBb, rrggBb… 
  4. To avoid the rare chance of after too much times you still don’t get a new color, after each cross the chances to get a color you already have will reduce, while the chances of getting a new color would increase.

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