This game is about music bands: but this is not the type of game where you play guitar, here you are the leader of the band and your small studio, and your objective is to sell a lot by creating the best songs for anything they want. They want someone to write the theme for the most epic anime ever made? You’ll offer yourself to do it. They want something to write the theme for a strange show about a murder in a graveyard? You’ll also offer your group to do it.

The game have three main parts, the “We Need a Job…”, the “Let’s Do This!” and the “Money to Buy Pizza, yeah!”. As these names imply, the feel of the game is very light, I don’t plan on it being serious or dramatic anyway, instead being an experience about some people who likes to play a lot and have fun doing it,¬†letting the players immerse themselves on how they see the world: as cliche as it may sound, these people, and the player, of course, see the world as a lot of colors, movement and “life”. It means that one time you may see colors with neon pink, and other times they may be green.

So, the three parts of the game:

  1. We Need a Job: here you look for a job, choosing one from a list. It’ll describe what they are looking for, if there are any requirements like “we want a badass drum and a guitar solo”, and what’s the show about. Ideally you’ll choose something that your band has experience with, and to a show related to your identity: if you do a lot of songs for anime, you’ll get more money doing anime than you would if you did a theme for a game show.
  2. Let’s Do This!: here you choose who’ll play that song, and the song itself. First, you choose the members who’ll play the song based on the requirements of the first part: if they want a badass drum and guitar solo, you’ll choose at very least yourself, a badass drum and some good guitarist to play. Creating a song is about selecting pieces of a list and adjusting priorities: in that example, you could put the first part the singer in a more active role, in high¬†priority, the drummer in a calm role, in low priority and the guitarist in the most active role, in medium priority. Then, in the middle of the music, making the singer take a step back, in the low priority, while the drummer goes up to the high priority and the most active role with the guitarist also in high priority, but with a less active role.
  3. Money to Buy Pizza, yeah!: here you see the fruits of your work, like the clip of your song, magazines showing how cool the song is, how the tickets for your show are selling wel…

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