This is an ARG, supposed to be played at somewhere with different areas, and must be played by fifty-six players . Of course, everyone must follow the rules, or things may go south easily.

At first, each player draw a card, and then they must, one by one, go to a separate room, where they are given their objectives, based on the cards they got:

  1. The Clubs. The objective of the players with the Clubs card is to secure a location for one hour: it can be anywhere they want, but at least seven people must be there. They can do whatever they want to secure the location, they can use their given weapons, look for more of them in the play area, barricade themselves with chair and desks…
  2. The Diamonds. The objective of the players with the Diamonds card is to loot a set of fourteen rooms, being the last one locked by a key that’s found in one of the other thirteen. They may loot the rooms anyway they want to, but if they are killed with the possession, another member of the group must grab the object in the place the player died.
  3. The Hearts. The objective of the players with the Hearts card is to get at least three Joker Cards: the only way to get a Joker card is to kill a player with one, or to get it from someone who have a Joker card.
  4. The Spades. The objective of the players with the Spades card is to collect six cards from other suits, doesn’t matter the way. As soon as they have six cards, they can go back to the beginning, and win the game.
  5. The Jokers. The objective of the Jokers is to not let another factions complete their objectives: they can kill the players, loot itens and keys, collect cards…

For obvious reasons, after these first orientations each Joker must go to some faction room, and everyone will have some time to know each other and discuss strategies, where they can find supplies

The main rule, in this part, and in the rest of the game is that you can’t show your card to any player. It doesn’t matter which faction you’re a member of, or if you have more than one card with you: that’s to create tension, and you may not know if your partner is an actual partner or not.

Also, to finish this, there are two types of weapons: the long distance ones, that throw harmless darts, and blunt ones. If you are hit by a dart in the head or in the chest, you must use your whistle three times, the louder you can: that’s the code to say that you’re dead, killed by a bullet, and is out of the game. If you are hit by a dart in another part of the body, you use your whistle one time: that’s the code to say that you were shot, but you have three minutes to get help by someone, if you are over that time you must whistle two times, to say that you’re dead. If you are hit by a blunt weapon, you don’t whistle, but must stay in that place for five minutes: you can call for help, but can’t move. If you are hit a second time by a weapon, you must whistle two times.

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