This is a game where one player is a monster, and the others are the people who must survive.

There are two boards, one with the “common map”, where the human characters do their actions, collect itens and prepare themselves to deal with the monster, and there’s the “monster map” that the monster uses to go around the world to get his enemies.

To the human characters, it’s a survival game, where the monster can be anywhere, and to try to look for it is to spend time you could be spending to get weapons, equipment or fulfilling your objectives.

To the monster, the game is a hunting ground, where you must choose what to do, based on your type of monster: if you are focused on stealth, you’ll be able to kill characters in your own map, while if you are a combat focused monster you must use the common map in your advantage.

I think that this game’s setting is a spaceship, where the common map is a hexagonal board: there are corridors and rooms, but there’s also doors that can be opened only when you get some specific item, to let the players have that sense of urgency, to get somewhere to get itens, to get somewhere to run, to escape and win the game. The monster map, in the other side, is a lot of tunnels and shortcuts: in some points, there are opening to the common map, where the monster can instantly kill a human character that’s not ready.

That’s the gameplay for the monster: go around the monster map, picking enemies as you get opportunities to do so, and you win when there are no more enemies.

The gameplay for the humans is different: you can try to win killing the monster in combat, locking it, or escaping the ship. 

  • Facing the monster in combat may be the hardest one to do: you must get your equipment in a certain room, find out where the monster is, prepare a trap and kill it.
  • Locking the monster is different: instead of getting your equipment, you must go to the center of the ship, track the monster, and begin to lock passages in the monster map. When the monster has nowhere to run, you win the game.
  • Or you can escape the ship: depending on the mission, you may only need to get to the escape pod, or you may need to fulfill some tasks, like getting the keycards, prepare the self-detonation of the ship, getting the results of the work done in there, and then leaving in the escape pod.

If it sounds unfair, that’s the idea, that the players must act together to win, using equipment like motion detectors and cameras, someone protecting these two…

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