This design is part an action game, and part a story about a man and his choices.

As the name itself says, this game is about a Mercenary, the best one around, and his life, loved ones, his possessions…

The game is a series of missions: kill a man who can’t be killed, hold an army somewhere, destroy some stuff from an enemy, beat some rival gang, and you would grow up with it. If there would be fifteen missions, three could be the beginning of his career, three his mid-life, three as a professional and the last six as a man who’s almost retiring.

This coming of age, the experience would reflect in the gameplay: he would grow with the time, changing the way he looks, wear more expensive clothes, having less problems with the idea of killing someone… the objective is that, in the beginning, would be harder to kill someone – maybe there would be a hard Quick-Time Event to finish the enemy, and if he tried to strike you again the kill would be immediate -, but as you grow, you wouldn’t need QTE’s, but you would move slower, or take less hits: you are not young anymore, and I want to reflect that.

I think that would be interesting to let the players experience a little bit of his life, but I don’t know, exactly, how: I thought about letting the player interact with people in some ambients, like the mall, or write letters for his family, but the most important thing is to create some form of connection with another characters. One of the features of the game, after all, is that the Mercenary is just that, a Mercenary, and if he dies in a mission, life would continue without him, except for the people of his life: his brother, for example, or significant other…

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