This game is a finite runner, based on your score: you must get the highest score you can in a single run, to buy upgrades to get more points.

You take the role of the secret spy Tofry, Pota Tofry, and your family received the suicide mission to destroy the Giant Eater in the inside: he’ll eat one innocent looking fried potato, but instead of being a common one it’ll be you, and you’ll kill him.

Of course, a single run won’t allow you to cause much damage: you wouldn’t know how to kill the creature, so the next Tofry would take the mission, with all the intel the first one obtained: using a weapon in that spot you gain more points, going right instead of left in the second branch may lead you to a more important place…

The game itself is a common runner, but instead of using upgrades to change the way you move, or ignoring damage, you use them to cause damage to the Giant Eater: two of the upgrades may be a shotgun-like attack, where you damage everything in a “cone” in front of you, and the other may be a laser-like attack, causing constant damage in a straight line where you are looking at.

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