Before the design, I would like to apologize for taking so long to write more: I’m dealing with someĀ things and that’s making all the writing a little bit harder, but I believe that now everything will return to normal.

This is a design for a advergame of a travel agency: you are the owner of a travel agency, and must make money. To do it, you must do works, that’ll give you money based on how well you did them.

At first, you receive a request for your client: “My name is Joanne, I always liked (…), it was the dream of me and my sons to go to (…)”, and you can accept that work or not, based on how much they are willing to spend, if they are planning to use your services again…

Then it’s the actual process. I would need to make a research about how exactly it works, but the game could do something like this: you must create a profile for the customer, to see what he’s into, what he want to see, and so on. Then, you must find out how to make it work: if you tell him to get the bus from A to B, and then grab a taxi to C, you could give him the option to take a plane from A to C, to gain some time he could be spending on the actual city. And, of course, give him a general plan: go to place D, then go to store E to gain some time, eat at F…

Then it’s giving him the plan, and seeing if he’s okay with it. The idea is that more time you spend on planning the trip to fit with his desires, more money you gain, and possibly gain a new customer.

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