This is a design accepted in the last Game Design Challenge, and you can see the original here.

As the name itself says, this is the story of The Cartographer: a student of geography, and is one of the people left in her University. For some reason, there are some few groups still alive in this world, usually Universities and Centers of Research, but the same couldn’t be said about the nature itself, as buildings and monuments warped themselves and changed: what used to be forests are now deserts of sand and wreckages, while the laws of physics were broken, and roads may go up and down around the few buildings left.

In the Connection – a better internet -, you were chosen to help them rebuild: you must travel the world, and create the maps that will allow people to go through it. She gained benefits when she accepted this task, like food, water, and somewhere to rest between her travels.

This game is based on three keywords: parkour, mapping and survival. Parkour is her way to go through this world. In general vehicles are still working, but they are not safe, after all, no one knows if the road is an actual road or something that will throw the car upside down, and is your job to discover that. You run, climb walls using your rope and hook, find a nice place, do the mapping, go down and keep going.

Mapping is your main job, and the mechanic that will most take your time. During the game, you may use your pencil or the camera. Your objective is to find a good place, and replicate it in paper. It means you’ll see something, judge if it’s worthy of being marked or not, and keep going. The differences between pencil and the camera are that pencil is that you can do it anywhere, if you are without paper you can break some piece of wood and write in it, and you can always redo it: if you discovered that right after entering left in that street there is a physics-broken field instead of a jungle, as you thought of by seeing leaves, you can fix it without any concerns. The camera, however, is faster:  you only must take a nice shot and that’s it.

Survival is the last aspect of your journey: as The Cartographer, you must do some hard work, and you must go through markets and abandoned houses to get food, water and somewhere to rest. There are no enemies – everyone that’s still alive know you, and respect your job enough to not trouble you -, but resting in buildings is better for your health. You must balance your work, of travelling, and your health: if you are too hungry, you won’t be able to do your job, but if you didn’t provided any good information in the next Center of Civilization, you may lose your rights as a member of this society.

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