This game is all about the role of an Immortal, who became the King, in a medieval world.

You have all the obligatory stuff for a strategy game set in medieval times: markets, you must manage units, deal with other factions… but where this idea goes in another way is that the war is also psychological, after all, you are Immortal, you absolutely can’t die. What would everyone else think of you? Each time you enter the battlefield, enemies will know: they can’t kill you. They can kill everyone on your army, but not you: you may be captured, but never killed.

It allows for different situations: when you’re captured, and must take control of your second in command, it’s up to you to define what to do. You may rescue your leader, or not. You can use this opportunity to do things the King can’t do: he’s a warrior, so he can’t improve the crops and the education in only a few years, but your second in command can, and if you need options, the best idea is to betray your King.

Also, the immortality is an element that can be used on your dinasty: you can always pursuit another woman, or man – you’re immortal, after all, things like these just are ignored -, and they can form their own families, that can be given lands, roles in your kingdom… of course, they can, too, betray you: the army may let your enemies capture you, and they get to rule the kingdom in your absence…

To finish this first part – I don’t know, exactly, what I want to achieve – I’ll say this: this game is a tool to let the players create their own stories, about treason, backstabbing, and not only “I’ll rule a kingdom and be the best”. No, I want the player to experience someone who’s above it all: the King’s a arrogant man, addicted to war and carnal pleasures, and is the people in his court that must deal with his desires: if you want to fix your mistakes – the King’s way is war: your actions are very war-related, and you aren’t able to deal with another things -, you must betray your king, for the greater good.

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