This game is meant to be played by fourteen players: five are robbers who must get in the vault of the bank, five are the officers who must arrest the robbers, and four are double agents, two of them for the police and the other two for the robbers.

The game, an action game with upside down view, with one-hit one-kill mechanic, is about trusting your partners: after all, if you get shot once, you die, and you can’t respawn, you must take another character, with fewer talents, and keep playing with these one.

So the robbers must fulfill certain objectives: get the password, disable the security, open the vault… but it’s up to them how to do it, if they’ll split to cover more ground, and fulfill more objectives, if they’ll go together to have better chances to survive… and, of course, deal with the fact that between the seven robbers, two of them may betray them: if they steal what they want, they win, but if the police manages to stop the robbers, they also win.

There are two means of communication, text messages and voice communication. Text messages are harder to do, because you must stop what you’re doing to write it, but only you, and ┬áthe people you are sending it to will know what’s written: if you want to text your partners in the other faction, that’s the way to do it. Voice communication, however, is open to everyone, but is affected by the scenery: the sound is muffled, other sounds can override it…

The whole point of the game is to know who you should trust, because nothing says that he’s a traitor, and that girl in the other side is your agent, you should only receive messages from the other side in messages, and even then you can’t be sure that they are in your side. And having two possible traitors instead of one allows for stupid plans, where you’ll admit that you are an agent and frame an innocent, or smart ideas, where you can fool the enemies and betray them.

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