So, in the first part of the idea, that you can checkĀ here, I spent some time talking about the main character, the Princess, and her five personalities. So now I plan on describing more of overall plot of the game and what I want the player to experience in it.

The world there is ok: there are no wars, or some evil group trying to kill the king, and the life of it’s people are pretty peaceful. However, during a martial arts tournament she was into, some sorcerer actually managed to throw her in another dimension, full of demons, skeletons and angels who fight to stay alive.

No one knew her secret, though: she, as her grandfather, suffered from multiple personalities, and each one of them was a master of a single martial art, and there is no one better than her, in these areas. Instead of being a game where you are rescued by the prince, here you beat everything alive, until you reach the Column that will bring you home.

So the main idea is to have a badass female character, that have different personalities, and reflect it into the game. At first, you have the mechanics of combat, that will be different for each one of them, and it makes your moves and attacks different. It must also change the way you interact with different characters: the Assassin would speak as little as possible, but the Lover would flirt with anything that can think for itself.

I’m thinking about the HUD of the game, and I think that it could change with each character, to reflect their personalities. The problem with that idea is while it would change, it can’t change that much, the player must still be able to, easily, recognize the information in the screen and not stop to think “okay, that’s the health bar? But that wasn’t the color of the special bar?”. The changes that could be made are those who won’t affect the “main parts” of the HUD, like bars or important marks, but the “extra-stuff”: the symbols around them, if they are a little bit messier, or in a angle, and so on.

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