This is an expansion on the idea¬†Hell’s Market.

Instead of defining more mechanics, I’ll describe the experience I want the player to have from this game.

As said in the first part of this design, the main idea is to explore characters and their relationships: a woman who lost her family, a kid who was going to buy some candies, or a man who was living alone for the first time. All these characters would react in a different way, for different reasons, and I don’t think that they should be defined by stereotypes: the kid may look innocent, but be a psychopath, while the badass biker be a man who’s into cooking.

Besides the characters, having the game on a super market creates a strange feel: these are places where you can have everything you need, food, water, entertainment, but when you can control only one of them, suddenly you gain a lot of power, while losing it. After all, as said before, if you have a corridor full of food, you may trade it for other necessities, exchange it for protection, and it’s up to you decide what you want to do. Or, if you have guns, or something that may work as a weapon, you can take food and water by force, or form some group that can sell protection.

To finish it, this game could work pretty well as an online game: players would have turns to choose what to do, can talk about what they want to and actually do it, negotiate, threaten or cheat other characters, from other corridors.

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