This game is pure and simple fun: during a hot day at the beach, some ice cream seller decided to throw a popsicle to a customer, but unfortunately hit another seller, creating the First Ice War of the Ice Cream Sellers.

The gameplay is a 3D hack’n’slash, where customers will come towards you and you give them ice creams – it’s the basic attack of the game, the combo system is built around the idea of different kinds of sweets, with different effects, to different customers -, filling your special bar to deliver more sweets in an area of effect.

As the idea is pretty ridiculous, the game will reflect it: customers may be ordinary people, animals or creatures from the deep sea, in a beach that couldn’t support all these people in reality – there are a lot of them in the game, I mean a lot -, where you may use your small cart, that can be upgraded, to deliver yet more sweets for those who want them.

I imagine that this game would require a very distinct art style, very cartoon-like, very stylized, with a HUD that reflects that idea of not taking itself too seriously: the combo markers would take a lot of the screen, people would explode in flavor, a lot of particles of sand flying around, the Sun way too bright, characters that may interact with the HUD… I want something very experimental, very different, where there aren’t concerns about logic: the Main Seller will be stuffing popsicles in people, while throwing his cart in another sellers.

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