This story – yes, in games like this I believe that saying it’s a story where the player interacts with is better than saying that’s a game – is about different types of friendships: the ones who began during childhood, the fresh ones…

Here, the player takes the role of a young man, Alexander – or Alex, to those close enough to him -, in the first year of a design program in a college – usually I try to write games with both sexes on it, so the player can choose how the character will be, but to better write this concept I imagine that writing with personal experiences would be a more real experience, not that fantastical, but more genuine – and his friends.

To create the characters, I plan of using stereotypes to let the players clearly understand who they are, if they are more studious, more social,  and so on. However, I don’t see these characters as just the stereotypes: no one is defined only by one single characteristic, someone can go to parties almost every night, but work after school to help his family, resting only in weekends.

I imagine four main characters for the game, besides the main character:

  • Valentin, one of Alex oldest friends – their families knew each other for some time. Instead of going through college, he’s trying to get in professional fencing. He’s quite protective of the people he likes, and with the money he may earn, he’ll give his sister a better place to live – the house of his family is quite small, not that confortable and far from middle school and colleges, but he can’t offer to let his sister live with him because he shares the apartment with his colleague. Alex trust Valentin with everything, and spent the last vacation before college with him, in a trip through Europe – both worked when possible and saved what they could during three years to make that trip possible.
  • Samuel, but often ask people to call him Sam, is a colleague of Alex from middle school. He also went to college, but to study Law – it’ll pay well, and he could use the money to fulfill his desires – and get girls. He’s a womanizer even before he met Alexander, but tries his best to not be a douche: he’s a gentleman who tries to help them, but somehow it ends with a relationship with them. His family is very religious, who donate to the church everything they ask, that being a reason why he left them and is looking for a well paid job.
  • Andrew is the most recent friend of Alexander – they met in a coffee lounge after the SAT, and found out they both were going to the same college, and the same program. He’s way more studious than Alexander – he’s formal in his speech, and tries to act in the most elegant way possible, even if the situation doesn’t require him to do it -, spending a lot of time at library, or studing design in his computer.
  • Rosemarie met Alex in childhood. She works in a bakery, in the kitchens – she’s interested in cooking sweets after she saw a movie about it -, and also work as a nanny when possible. She’s the girlfriend of Valentin, after Alex introduced them, but was asked to not interfere with his life, and she does her best to not to: she help his sister to get through middle school, but anything bigger, like offering her to live together is not a part of their deal.

I believe that these characters are interesting enough to hear them talk about their lives, what they are doing… and the themes that can be discussed may be different from the stories told in high school: these people are actually beginning their lives, they have fears, their own desires, and what their opinions may differ from the main character.

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