Hello. This idea will be bigger than the usual, because I don’t plan on waiting a few days to write more. So, instead of keeping it short, this’ll be bigger, with the main idea of the game, characters and a brief discussion about it.

This game is about a city, and the people who live there: the ones who follow the law, those who do what they want, and the one who are not even human.

The game is something between an action open world game and the episodic story driven games: I imagine the player will have access to a lot of different characters, each one being unique in their specialties, and in each chapter the main actors will change. For instance, one of your characters killed the mayor, the next chapter is about the city dealing with it, with people demanding a new election and other people exploiting the vacuum in power.

It creates a problem: I want the city to be always changing, but the player change it most. so there will be characters who can explode a building, so the next chapters must deal with this explosion. At same time, it isn’t fair to let things that big happen all by themselves, just because the plot demands to. What if the player didn’t explode it, but found another way? So the main story must deal without the player interaction, or at least with what’s obligatory for him to do.

About the cast itself, I imagine them having different playstyles, to fit with their personalities. I’ll now listen down some characters the player will control, try my best to define the character and what kind of thing they do.

Johan Wolff: He’s a professional assassin who does things the way it’s asked. If someone want to kill someone, they call him. But he follows a very specific code of conduit: never kill a child or people older than 50, only in self defense, always give fifty dollars for the deceased significant other, and always salute his target. His gameplay is not much of a shootout, with bullets flying around you: instead, the idea is to take your time looking for openings in another buildings, and with a sniper rifle, take a single shot. He’s a free assassin, so he may interact with another characters controlled by the player, and doesn’t have a grand story behind him, or a greater objective than do what he’s paid for.

Petra Smithson: She’s one of the detectives of the police, but instead of doing things by the book, she prefers to do it in the most efficient way, and often without taking much care for those who may be the criminals. As a character, her story is about trying to capture the leaders of the Group who’s killing people by groups of seven. Her gameplay is about investigating people, talking in a bar and in crime scenes, and shooting: her morale is moulded by the player, if she stop fleeing suspects by killing them, she grows closer to the mafia, but if stop them by shooting them in the knee, she’ll grow closer to the police department. Her story often connects, in a way or another, with characters of the Group and the Family.

Sexton: The youngest of the player controlled characters, is blind of one eye and some say that he’s a little bit crazy by his work. Instead of shooting, Sexton likes to blow things up, using different methods: cars rigged with explosives, plastic explosives delivered in the mail, rocket launchers… His gameplay, of course, is around exploding things, walking through the target, analyzing the structure and choosing how to destroy it. As a member of the Group, he’s taken around the second or third part of the story by Petra, and their conversations show the player how that Group works. If there is a open world game after the end, he’ll not take part on it, his part in it is to explode everything, so if him can explode things and the story, and city, doesn’t adapt themselves to it, it wouldn’t be fair for the rest of the characters to interact with it in that level.

William Crawford: The non-human habitant of the city, and work for the Family as their army. He’s stronger than anyone, faster than anyone, and almost invulnerable to bullets, he goes to a place and is the only who leave it alive. He’s a comedian, who likes to laugh about life, and has been around some centuries, only wanting to find someone who can stop him. His gameplay is a brawler, where you must beat everyone down. As one of the few important members of the Group, his story connects to all who are connected to it.

Jessica: A free pilot, who works for everyone who can pay. She’s proud of her car, a classic one, all prepared to transport very important persons, being them criminals or police officers. Her style of gameplay is all around racing in the town, or transporting people: sometimes you’ll be facing another agents, and it’s up to you destroy their cars, or escaping alive. Again, as Johan, she will not interact so much with another characters, but may be seen around.

With these five characters, and some more in each great organization – the police, the group, the family and the free agents -, I plan on showing how the game will change, but having the basic ideas and the conversations:  Petra may find that Sexton, and the Group, are planning to explode a restaurant of the Family, and with her decision to warn them, or not, she can find help in William, and so on.

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