Previously, in theĀ first part of this idea, I tried to explain why this game is interesting, how it looks and some main actions.

Now, I’ll try to point some of the problems anyone would face, if the idea was actually developed, as a way to understand why it’s almost impossible to be made, and interesting for me to think about.

First of all, the idea is based on action figures, and a fighting game. To make it work, each figure would need a lot of good looking joints, that needs to allow the same range of movement for every common character, so the sculpture would also need to be considered. But, at the same time, it must consider character who are different: if they are bigger, or can extend some members, or can be torn apart, the figure itself must support it. Accessories too would need to be considered: how to keep every single one of in the figure, to avoid it drawing them from the air, if that’s the case.

Then, you need the gameplay: you need to balance the characters, keeping in mind their actions in their original franchises, if there is one, with the game, and not only that, you need to code, and photograph, them. To make an aerial combo, for example, you would need the extra work of taking out bases or support of the picture, then apply the correct effects… And somehow make them able to interact with the background: if there’s a hole, they can’t just move towards it and suddenly stop.

The balance, between the characters, wouldn’t allow for it to be a game you would have any kind of fighting tournament: there would be characters who would only fight in close quarter distance, characters who just throw things at you, characteres who wear heavy armor, characters without any armor at all, characters who can fly, characters who can transform, super human characters… Being a hack’n’slash, that’s not much of a problem, but it would be sad to have a whole cast of different characters, but the players use only two of them because they are the very best, and possibly broken.

In the end, this idea would be a mess. It would need the support of a company to do it, to allow the use of their figures, companies that would allow you to use their characters and brands, a team capable of programming a good hack’n’slash game, a team that’s capable of taking a lot, and I truly mean a lot of pictures, who can understand what’s a good picture and how to enchance it, and that’s not that simple. The necessary balance, to make the characters uniques, yet giving the impression of being part of the same group, it’s not easy. All the effects you would need to make it cool: yes, the idea itself is interesting, but would be boring if you only walk and attack, the background must change, dust, shadows, fractures in the ground… It’s the kind of work I don’t see anyone doing, but as I said, I think it’s an amazing idea, that could be huge if made by someone able to do it.

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