This is the second part of the idea RPG Game, and yes, I still don’t thought of a name for it.

Before, I tried my best to explain the idea behind the skill system: you first unlock a branch of skills, then you may learn it using skill points, or fulfilling specific requirements. Right now, I’ll show a little bit more of the world outside your group – the Association for the Mages, the Guild for the Warriors and the Court for the Rogues.

The world is a mess: creatures that were once gone returned, goblins and trolls are destroying farms, while cities are being under siege of armies without king. The solution many people found was the groups: once they were schools of thought, where people got together to improve themselves and look for solutions for their own problems, by philosophy, studies and training. Now, they are capable armies, ready for battle.

I think that these groups would, in their acts, reflect their points of view in life: while the Association looks for a society ruled by an iron fist, and a leader capable of bring everyone to their knees: magic is the most absolute power, and no one can escape it, why should they obey some ordinary man? They are the best of the groups for heavy combat, and the most expensive: one mage can bring down groups of enemies, and can burn an cave alone, in the entrance of it. The Guild  aspire for glory, and to them the solution for everything is to get together: if you must break a wall, alone you may take days, but a group may use a battery ram and take much less time. They are the cheapest, you pay for a group of man, and they will do their job even if cost them their lives. And the Court takes the easiest way in life: if your leader is damaging your cause, you must kill him and replace him. They are not fighters, and often recuse jobs.

No one tells you to not go to another Groups: there are another groups outside these three, that had specialized themselves to best accomplish their objectives, if you got the mission to kill a demon, who’s possessing a girl, you may kill her, that would be an Action most fitted for the Court, hire the Church to exorcise it, and then kill it, gaining respect of the Guild, make a  false deal with it to gain more power, like the Association wants to, or to actually join him, that may allow you to take part on a group that you wouldn’t usually have access to.

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