This is the second part of the idea A Strange Town.

Previously, I wrote a little about some of the dynamics of the game: the differences between the Woman, the detective, and Him, the mystic parasyte.

As said before, this is an open world, like those in the market, where you can drive cars, interact with the town, and things you would normally expect from this kind of game. So today I want to explore more the gameplay differences behind the two characters.

The differences, as said before, is that the Woman deals with the physical world, while He deals with the extraordinary. I imagine the game having that big difference, where the missions with the Woman are more action packed: you pursue someone, then you shoot their gang, and things explode, and it just go on. I imagine the feel of it as an action movie: you shouldn’t care if a bullet would never be able to go through some windows and kill two people in a row, if it looks cool enough it’s possible, after all, this isn’t the real world. She is a badass, instead of people hiring a group to do something she’s able to do it by herself. Personally, I don’t see her as a masculine woman, however. I imagine that she have a well defined body, have some scars, but not that much, she wouldn’t be defined only by her appearance, I don’t imagine her looking like a mass of muscles, or some model, but someone who you could believe that has gone through some serious stuff.

He, I see him as someone of two meters, towering over her. But he’s not a giant itself, he’s not muscular and full of scars, but someone thin, full of tatoos in his body dressed with a trenchcoat, that’s floating somewhere in the waist of the Woman, after all, he’s a “ghost” that’s possessing her. And when you are controlling He, the game is suddenly more… tactical, maybe. Instead of shooting at sight, you must talk with another creatures, look for clues of what happened, anything that may help you identify what did the crime. Then it would be something like a third person shooter, but instead of guns you would use magic: the damage will be lot higher, the actions here have an impact in the world, you an destroy walls, or even bring entire buildings down. This is to further emphasizes how complicated this world is: someone could destroy a car only with his hands, and no one would know the truth, taking the courage of people who would work in it, a problem that the Woman ignores.

The relationship between the two is not romantic, is more a rivalry thing: the Woman see him as someone capable, who has studied “magic” more than anyone else, but he try his best to be a womanizer, and when he faces the creatures, that she must try to protect, or to bring to justice, he is a complete psychopath, who wouldn’t see a problem in taking down an entire family. For He, however, the Woman is a mere thing that he has to deal with: he’s locked on her body, only acting when she allows him to, and can’t continue his research, to try to recreate his body, because she follows that “moral code” that ordinary people often talk about. Their banter reflect these sides, they work well with each other, they do what they need, but often talk about their views on life, for the Woman it is to serve people, while getting paid for it, and when unpaid, it’s best to do the right thing than follow her own desires, while He tries to defend that, while serving people is not a bad wish, following his own desires is a greater aspiration, and for Him it means whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do.

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