Today I want to talk about Time Robber, an idea of a Tactical RPG where you must use your time related powers to steal things. I believe I already explained enough about the main mechanics, so now I’ll talk a little bit about how I plan to balance the difficulty with a character that can undo his mistakes.

The biggest feature is the AI: if you do the same action twice, there are no significant changes in the world, while if you do something different, like going through a wall, the reaction will change, people that should be looking for something may stop and get ready to strike you: if their reactions are based on their personalities, for example, even when facing groups of enemies there would be a challenge, creating situations where some of them may run, while another may shoot at sight. And, in the end of the game, there’ll be special enemies, that have some equipment that allows them to remember what they did, changing their tactics.

While I don’t plan on having limits on how many times the player can use his power in a set mission, it could work in difficulties changes, where you gain more points, and rewards, if you fulfill objectives that may be just stealing the object with the main character, to do the job without raising any alarm. Using a system like this, the game may satisfy two different two kinds of players at once: those who are up to a serious challenge, who need to use a very specific tactic, and those who aren’t into the challenge, just in it for the plot or the gameplay itself.

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