This game is also a horror game, meant to be played with Oculus Rift. While I do believe that horror games can do amazing things by themselves, I think that Virtual Reality is the best way to scare the players, in a whole new level of scariness that you just can’t do with traditional means.

Here, the idea is that you are being chased by a Goblin, who think that you robbed his treasure. The only way to interact with this creature is throwing coins at the ground, fliping them or just tossing, or distract them.

If you flip a coin, one or more Goblins will stop for four moments, but you need to stop for one moment. If you throw the coin, one Goblin will stop for one moment, but you don’t need to stop. Also, you don’t have infinite coins, you have only a set amount. If they end before you get to safety, you will be caught by then, suffer, and them you die.

Instead of having that horror where people are being mutilated, or having a serial killer chasing you because he want your skin, I want the kind of horror where you must run, you must never stop running, even if you think that you’re safe. So,  the game is set in a forest, during an eclipse, where you are not in darkness, but things looks different when it’s night, where if something moves, it may be a Goblin. Your objective is to get to the small cabin, where you must get in touch with your friend, and then get to where he is, with the Goblin Gold.

You hear a lot of whispers, and laughs in between the trees. Besides your coin, you can use another things to distract them, but unlike coins, that are used only to this objective, these options will cause you some trouble: if you throw your wallet, you may not be able to use the phone in the cabin; if you throw them your cellphone, without signal, you may not be able to use the flashlight, and if you throw your backpack you will lose your map.

I want the player to think about them, what is worth it. If he’s running, and suddenly is without coins, what will he do? Risk to lose their only source of light, or throw his map and supplies? Are the Goblins far enough that you may turn back and get your stuff back? I’m not experienced on designing horror games, but I believe that something like this, where you have limited resources to deal with a lot of small creatures are an interesting scene: you must escape for what may be infinite creatures, being unable to face them, in an ambient where a lot of people have no experience with.

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