This game is something that may work very well, or be an epic fail.

Here, players receive an objective from a client: they want to get a portrait of someone, or something to put in their walls, and it’s up to the player do it, using brushes, paints… And everything of it he must buy: in the beginning, he gain some basic brushes and paints, but to get the best ones, he must get money from jobs, and so on.

The differential of this game is how the paintings are judged: when you finish it, it’s send to the gallery, that every player can go, select a painting and give grades, based on specific criteria that must be used to judge, like the variation of colors, techniques utilized and if it fulfilled, or not, the client objective. To allow a chance for the artist to defend himself, he may write a little bit about his piece, trying to describe why he did what he did: if the piece is entirely black and white, it may be a metaphor for life, and so on.

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