This game is something I’m interested in doing, in the future.

The reason? This game is an adventure game played in first person. In this game, you are a unnamed Heroine, in a town with lots of super humans, people who can use magic, or some alien dudes or robots that need to exterminate someone.

A lot of this game is about your life. In first person, to help with the immersion, you interact with your group, the people who may know, or not, your secret identity. Similar to another story driven games, a lot of this part is about talking to people, simulating your life in these situations. How would you, a ordinary web designer, would deal in a world where the people at your side could be someone who’s able to destroy the entire city? How can you think of the police? Are they ready to deal with these menaces, if they can’t even deal with ordinary crimes?

When you are the Heroine, with your suit, the first person camera is used to increaste of the brutality. It may sound strange, in these times where the player normally have absolute control, but here the Heroine doesn’t care about civil rights, if someone steal something, they will suffer, maybe a lot of broken bones, maybe more, after all, she have super human strength. You target what you want to hit, knees, hands, or even the skull, and the Heroine will do it.

I want the player to live that contrast, of someone who’s normal and boring, but is so angry with the world, when she feels the need to. In first person, you will be able to experience more of it. I want this character to have these feelings, asking herself if she’s doing the right thing, if doing things this way will be sufficient to help the city. And try to keep things where they are: peaceful in work, and angry in the streets.

And I want her to be a web designer, to be able to interact with online trolls. Does it really matter if you let some guys rob the place where one of the guys who told you look like a whore? What about that online petition to bring you to the law? Not everyone would have the courage to let them suffer, and do what they wanted: this Heroine wouldn’t stop them. But the character I’m thinking off can do it, and it’s up to the player choose what to do. While she may be a self centered asshole, I want the player to be able to think of ways to help her. Not beating that much of everyone, trying to take her time with people she know and try to show people that the Heroine is trying her best, or keep her life as it is.

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