This is a RPG game, for mobiles, where everything is decided by chances. Be it the flip of a coin, or the roll of a dice, everything follow these rules, and you see them: there is┬áno roll you can’t see, you always can watch the results, instead of just seeing the effects.

The story is that you are a sorcerer with gambling-related powers, so your skills will depend on it. For example, you have a skill that, if the guess which side of the coin will face up, you win the battle, and if you don’t, you lose it. Or you can causa damage proportional to which number you got on the dice.

It’s a pretty simple idea, but I want the players to cheat the game. Using your mobile, you can rotate it, move it, shake it, to affect your chances. The dice is almost falling in a one? Try to make it roll again. You’re playing cards? Try to move the mobile up, to see if you can see some card of the enemy. Want to mark some cards? Do it while you’re shuffling them.

The character knows that he’s not that good, so cheating is a valid way to do it. The game wouldn’t use that much of different controls, they only would be used in different ways: you may use tapping and dragging in the “RPG part”, but you can also use multi-dragging to shuffle cards, while tap them to mark some of them. Otherwise, I believe that the pinch open/close also would be used, maybe to try to play around with the idea of cheating in bets, maybe using the pinch close would allow you to reduce the marks on your cards, to make the opponent don’t react to your cheat.

Honestly, I believe that this idea is pretty interesting. It uses a common genre, RPG, and tries to do it in a different way, by doing what usually the characters of these stories wouldn’t do, that is cheating. I imagine it having that feel of classical JRPGs, with 2D sprites, heavily pixelated, but with a nice art direction, that would use the backgrounds in a different style, something like watercolors, to spice things up.

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