The idea behind this design is pretty old, I believe I first written it in 2012.

The game is about creating your gifts by using a pretty basic 3D editor, or by selecting premade pieces, and then you can share it in the game itself, or any type of social media you want.

At first, you must decide what you want to do. If it’s just a toy, you can go through the premade pieces, and only change the colors, or add some more details on it, using new pieces or going in the 3D editor. This way, anyone can design a gift, doesn’t matter if they know anything about creating 3D pieces in a computer. However, if the community doesn’t share their own pieces, the game wouldn’t grow, because there would not be more pieces to the players.

Allowing every single player to use the 3D editor, it allows them to do whatever they want. There won’t be, anymore, the necessity of using pieces that are already made. If you want to give a cup, you can do it. Of course, there is the problem that not everyone may be able to use this editor in his full potential, but for those who will be able to use it, the possibilities will be almost infinite.

When you finish the piece, you can share it.

A problem, with this design, is that how can someone make a profit based on it. I don’t know if there are any kind of store who does things like that, where you send a piece in a computer and they make it real. If there aren’t any store like that, this game would be something that people will play to share their own projects, or to show affection during holidays and special dates.

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